About me…..

Kim. Wife. Mom. CareerGal. Inspired by the world’s greatest Kiddo.

Striving to maintain balance through my version of Paleo/Primal eating, bike commuting, mountain biking, gardening & travel. As much as I can, I try to view the world from a bike.

Mensan. Who works hard at, but doesn’t always succeed at not being a Know-It-All.

Living under the belief you are only as old as you feel, or young as you act. Bit of a late bloomer. Had my first child at 39. Got my scuba diving certification at 50. Learned to mountain bike the same year.

Beer girl at heart & by trade. Cicerone Certified Beer Server entertaining thoughts of studying for the full Cicerone certificate.

Thoughts and words on these pages are my own.

All pictures below taken within last year


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