Herbed roast turkey breast

Last night’s Paleo/Primal goodness was one of my fav go to recipes – Rachel Ray’s Herbed Turkey Breast (without pan gravy- since I’m trying to be paleo/primal, I’ll skip that part).

Luckily we still haven’t had a hard enough freeze to make the sage and parsley in the garden unusable. Grabbed handfuls of each. Pulled out my trusty lemon zester. (there’s a story behind my love of this tool…someday I might share).

Hardest part of the recipe for me is de-boning the turkey breast. Knife skills I do not possess. Nor knowledge of butchering technique. I know you can buy boneless turkey breasts – but they usually also are skinless, and you need the skin in this recipe. I have had my local market butcher de-bone, but I like to use the carcass for broth. So I hack away.

Once deboned, the herb, onion, olive oil and lemon zest paste is tucked under the skin before roasting. A couple of bay leaves are tucked below, and a bit of bay butter drizzled on top.

45 minutes later this goodness:
The pan drippings can be reduced slightly and make an au jus (no flour, so not really a gravy). See the line of green herbs under the skin? Yummy! Sweet potatoes are a perfect side. As are brussel sprouts. 
The breasts are bigger than they appear here. One side more than feeds our family with the other for lunch leftovers. Can you say turkey, avocado and bacon lettuce roll-ups?

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