Lunch ride…

Wednesday wasn’t a lifting day, and I knew Kiddo had another Little League game tying up my after work time. I’ve accepted I am kidding myself to think I will ever work out after dinner, maybe start throwing in some light yoga. But even that is really that’s a fantasy. For several reasons, I’ve been a bit reluctant to pick back up on the bike commuting. The new commuter bike is not as comfortable as I’d hoped. I still need to do some fit tweaking. I’ve got concerns about fitness and stamina, if I make the round trip. Most of all, I’m still a bit tentative about the traffic, both in that section of State Street, I’ve had issues in past, and with all the construction.

Yet, I wanted to ride.

Solved it by throwing XCal on he car, and making it “Bring Your Mountain Bike to Work Day”. The Oak Hill, Hoyt and Bubba’s Woods trails are close to the office. Hoyt is close enough to bike from the office – via that above mentioned section of State Street. I drove over the tosa and parked by the Oak Leaf. Got in a nice 10 mile spin. A combo ot paved path (Oak Leaf) and dirt a lap and a half of Hoyt. Rode about halfway home on the commute to confirm my path was still open despite the construction.

Not sure when I’ll start bike commuting again. Still have to work out the traffic scare demon. But damn it felt good to ride over “lunch”. Doing it again today. As I continue to strive for consistency in training, his is a great option when I’m not travelling.

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